Galleri Haaken

Aurora Passero at Market Art Fair 2019

12/4 - 14/4  2019

Aurora Passero
Aurora Passero, Hand and Spirit, 2019

Hand and Spirit
Aurora Passero, 2019

Aurora Passero: Sonic Behavior, 2017, 195 x 102 cm
Aurora Passero: Rush, 2019, 250 x 140 cm
Aurora Passero: Rush, 2019, 250 x 140 cm
Aurora Passero: Palace Drip, 2019, 250 x 140 cm
Aurora Passero: Palace Drip, 2019, 250 x 140 cm
Aurora Passero: Trophy #1, 2019, 150 x 75 cm

Aurora Passero (1984, Norway ) is best known for her monumental installations, works that can be seen both as sculptures and paintings. Passero works site-specifically and composes the singular works in relation to each other and the work’s context. She mainly works with woven and dyed nylon. Building on a broad interest in different cultural expressions such as popular and underground culture, handcraft, ethnology and art history Passero creates spatial compositions where she explores opposing states between material, space, form and content. She is represented in major Norwegian art collections and museums.

Our solo-presentation of Aurora Passero will mainly consist of new and recent woven and dyed nylon works. Passero makes installations that shows her interest in the resistance and balance between material, form, space and content. Her works are the result of both studio based activities and actions taken directly in the exhibition space, where she seeks an overall harmony of composition. Transformed within the context of the space, the elements become signifiers of a physical language where she explores opposing states in which the raw and massive meets the fragile and sensual. On one level Passeros textiles can be seen as a result of a broad interest in social and cultural expressions found in popular and underground culture, art history, fashion, craft and other ethnological material. The definite works become a concentrate of all her impressions, a result of an open awareness of her surroundings and everyday life.
Our main exhibition concept is to present Aurora Passero's works in a way that promote and underline the already mentioned qualities.

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